BBC Academy – Journalism – Social news strategy

How the social news team engages audiences by sharing and promoting BBC News content on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


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How Vice’s Tim Pool used Google Glass to cover Istanbul protests

‘I want to show you what it’s like to be there as best I can, even if that ends with me running full-speed into a cafe and rubbing lemons all over my face after being tear-gassed…’ By Stuart Dredge


this is quite old but just came across it and felt it was worth shearing….

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10 Questions to Help You Craft a Mobile Strategy (Before It’s Too Late) | Poynter.

Create. Inform. Engage. | Journalism training, media news & how to’s


like everything media, even when merging mainstream media with mobile or digital platforms, always ask yourself the fundamental questions.

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Attention graduates: Clean up your social media profiles before applying for jobs – powered by NewsChannel 9 WSYR Syracuse

As the popularity of social media increases, employers are using search engines and social media to research candidates for hire.


I believe this is becoming a trend all over the world, especially in countries with strong social media influence / presence.

The “ME” relationship!

The "ME" relationship!.

The “ME” relationship!

“Know thyself” Ancient Greek maxim
“Know yourself no be curse” Bendel (Edo) Proverb
“There is no art to read the mind’s construction on the face” Shakespeare
Our words or silence; action or inaction ….are most times just clues.

Those three quotes caught my attention as TJ started her presentation on Monday morning, and as the presentation progressed I told myself this was too good to keep for myself alone, especially “The ME Relationship (A- Z!)”, so after the presentation I asked her if she came up with it herself and if I could post it up on my blog for people to see and shear. Her answers were yes on both counts, so here goes………….

Who am i?

But first a few questions………
• How well do you know yourself?
• Do you enjoy your own company?
• Come to think of it, do you like and love yourself?

    The ME Relationship (A- Z!)

Acceptance: strengths, weaknesses; likes and dislikes; achievements & mistakes; past, present & future

Boundaries: Know your likes & dislikes then communicate

Celebration: Celebrate Me! Check for comparison and competition. Leave the rat race. Face the real competition

Determination: Have firmness of purpose

Esteem: Respect and admire. Be emotionally intelligent! Understand the effect of your emotions and manage them

Faith: Who is bigger than you? Worship!

Grow up: Life is not just about you

Hope: encourage yourself, things will improve

Internal peace: Calm within

Jest: Laugh at yourself

Know: Do a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis, of your self

Live life to the fullest: Use your senses! Enjoy the simple pleasures. Have fun. Laugh! Love! Like! Let go!!

Memories: make good ones and enjoy them

No: Bite what you can chew. Learn the art of saying, ‘NO’

Observe: You are a part of this world, don’t let it pass you by.

Positive: prefer it to the negative – thoughts, words, actions or associations

Quiz: Ask questions. Seek answers

Response: You may not like what life throws at you. It is your response that makes the difference

Self Talk: Speech content when its good, bad or ugly. Words are powerful.

Take charge: You should be the master or madam of your life. Most problems are/do not go on for ever.

Unique: You are special! One of a kind! An original like the masters would say! You are not a fake, a photocopy, a duplicate or a clone. Understanding yourself is vital. Why do I do what I do when and where? How can I be a better ME?
Live life with that spirit! After all, you are your last card! You
cannot deny (disown) yourself

Variety: It is the spice of life. Add it to yours.

Winnow: Get rid of the chaff

X-ray: Check for the blame game…look deep within you, sometimes the solutions are no where else.

Yell: Let it out

Zeal: Rise above apathy. Live life enthusiastically. Chop life! Na one chance! You may get knocked down but don’t stay down. You may make a mistake. Learn and move on. Always give yourself a chance!

I guess the question now is…… who me?
well…Yes, you!

– The “ME” relationship (A-Z) by Tonye Jack (TJ)
– Shakespeare
– Ancient Greek maxim
– Edo people


lifeThis dp struck a chord in me and instantly I could see how true it was and so I decided to use the words to put this piece together

LIFE is do dynamic yet wonderful at the same time, be cause it is in life that we

LEARN that LOVE can be LIMITLESS, LAUGH out LOUD and LUST for LESSONS of LIFE it self, or is it not in life we understand the IMPORTANCE of INTIMACY, the need or quest for INNOCENCE, INSPIRATION and can only imagine the IMPACT we have on others.
We try to FATHOM things like FREEDOM, live in FASCINATION and FANTASY most of the time; we have FUN and relish FRIENDSHIP, only to be cautioned by FEAR.
Yet with great EFFERVESCENCE we EMBODY our EXPERIENCE, ENJOY and EMBRACE EXCELLENCE and in most cases with so much ENERGY to live LIFE

Little Prayers

Ok so I’m back again J Ever heard the phrase “be careful what you wish for?” Well this is a tale of “be careful what you pray for”


Some years back, during my university days, couple of my friends and I would sit down and talk about our future and plans we had to do wonderful and great things. We were of the opinion that “if you can dream it, you can live it” yea and we were actually doing that and a whole lot more.

Sometime we would sit down and wonder why some things we pray for are not coming trough immediately. And we would make jokes about, praying for so many things at the same time and what would we do if all these prayers were answered at the same time.

Years past and we moved on acquiring, certifications, trainings, experience and doing a lot of volunteering in various capacities and still praying for so many things of course.

All these years we thought we were prepared to handle what we were praying for and would sometimes get angry that it wasn’t coming trough, little did we know, that the time and patience with everything we were doing was the actual preparation needed, which we obviously got from everyday life experience, unknown to us.

Well here is the amazing part, a few weeks ago I sat with one of my friends and as we would normally do, we were having a recap of what’s happening and how we ha had little time to spend as friends and then it hit us, and we began to laugh.

All the prayers we were making as to what we wanted were actually coming to pass, we had accumulated so much in prayers and they were coming trough in quick successions.

It’s amazing that nothing you say goes just in passing, especially when you make that honest little prayer in your heart. Wen you feel like things are not happening the way they should, just stay your course so long as you are doing the right things, it would come to pass…

Just a little story I wanted to shear “Trust God, Live Life and touch lives” it works every time “if you can dream it, you can live it” like me and my friends would say “wen you dey pray for am, you no remember abi?” loooool see you soonphew

I write

i writeI write not because I know what to but because I want to know.

There is so much I wish to say but the words won’t come, so I write with the hope of expression.

I see so many things with each passing day, they register in my heart and on my mind, some I want to keep and cherish for ever and some I just want to let go, so again I write

Every time I set my eyes upon her, she fills me up with so much joy and he beauty is so disarming, that I struggle for ways and words to express how I feel, yet again I only find solace in my pen, so I write

Once in a while, I long for that sweet escape from everything including words, the only place that’s grants me asylum without condition, is that piece of paper on which I write myself to freedom…..

Be it 3000 or 8000 years as some would argue, the art or writing has caused generations to win or lose war, developed nations and in some cases bring an end to a very beautiful concept *shaking my head* if only I had started this piece as soon as the words began forming in my mind, in the words of a wise man “A short pen is better than a long memory”

To say d least, I wrote

What about you???

Dear Blog, Dearest Friend (LOVE)

Dear blog,

its been a while, been ages actually but it was not without reason.. yea! like I’m going to tell all of you…….lol

here is  the deal, I’ve been very busy and done a lot of soul searching, all trough my away period, and have come to understand and believe more in the word “FRIEND” as I’ve seen firsthand what it really means to be friends.

some people shamelessly hide behind the banner of friendship to get cheap patronage or customer service *shame on you*, while some people think its an easier way to love and not get hurt *cowards* for some its the fastest way up the ladder of success in life *God dey o!* and for some its just a convenient way to live.

in keeping with the CyrilO tradition, i ask “What is friendship to you or what do you say friendship is?”

well for me i met the perfect friend or do i say i found the perfect friend a while back and her name is……… yes shes a her!!! *tongue out* like ill give you her name! but she knows her self as i know she is reading this and yes dear you are the reason I’m writing this *smiles*

she is that kind of person that loves you unconditionally and makes you fall in love with her everyday and yet feels its wired that you two should date, yet she looks out for you in every way possible. she puts up a “don’t disturb sign” but she attends to you with a joyful heart, she is always excited when something good happens to you (me). even though I’m not always there for her, she is there no matter what… she would scold me when I’m wrong, what most people say they are scared of doing and you know the best part? she looks more beautiful just waking up in the morning.

questions answered I’m sure as to why i wish and pray to marry my best friend (of course she has to be a she) *sorry guys*

after all said and done, this is my little way of saying thank you for always being there, even when i didn’t notice you were, even if i don’t say it all the time, know that you are so special to me.  *whispering* “you inspire me” don’t tell any one…

this is a dedication to you my best friend and love *smiles*